About Us



Fresco Café is the fruition of a longtime dream for owners Susan and Bill Neubauer. Susan & Bill have spent the past 20 years in the Gallatin Valley. They are passionate about this area as well as the food that they prepare.


Fresco_Cafe_BillFresco, under the stewardship of third-generation restaurateur Bill Neubauer and his wife Susan, has a rich family legacy in the restaurant industry. In 1932 Bill’s grandfather opened the first of many successful restaurants in Northern Wisconsin, the White Front Cafe (pictured above table 11), followed by Alcatraz in 1940, Harbor View 1952 and The Bolo Country Inn 1957. Upon opening The Bolo, he commissioned his son Steve, Bill’s uncle, a fine art graduate, to create paintings for his new restaurant. In 1977, Bill’s parents took over The Bolo and at 13, Bill began working and learned every aspect of the business. Bill further refined his skills during his college years in Boulder, Colorado and then served as an assistant chef at a luxury eco-lodge in Alaska. Despite pursuing a career in the outdoors, as a ski patroller at Big Sky and a Wilderness Ranger in the Beartooth mountains, Bill’s passion for the restaurant business remained


Susan grew up in New York City and spent childhood summers working at her Godmother Anne’s hotel and restaurant on the New Jersey shore. Later she was inspired and influenced by her sister and brother-in-law’s work at some of New York’s most exciting restaurants, from Union Square Cafe to Keen’s Steak House. She was always looking for and missed the quintessential New York neighborhood café with chalkboard menus and casual but sophisticated atmosphere.

In 2005, the culmination of their unique backgrounds inspired Fresco Café on North 7th in Bozeman. What began as a modest “hole in the wall” Italian café and specialty Italian deli evolved over the years into a comprehensive Italian restaurant, offering wine, beer and an award-winning summer patio. After almost a decade of success, Bill and Susan moved Fresco to its current downtown location along Bozeman Creek in 2014. In an effort to keep family connections to the restaurant, Bill purchased his Uncle Steve’s artwork from the Bolo and it now graces the walls of Fresco. Bill and Susan’s kids have worked at Fresco over the years as they’ve grown up, continuing the family tradition. Bill and Susan hope that you enjoy what they have created, Buon Appetito! Take a look at the restaurant and menus, stop by or call 406-586-6826 for more information.

For catering inquiries, please email  frescocafe317@gmail.com